Welcome to Iron Man Ironing Services

We offer a local pick up and delivery ironing service to dozens of loyal and satisfied clients across the county, all of whom enjoy a first-class, professional finish to their garments, every time.

From the start of Prestige Maids, many of our customers were interested in the ironing service we offered alongside the cleaning.  Some even wanted their ironing done instead of their cleaning!

So, as Prestige Maids went from strength to strength, we saw a real need for a high quality, affordable ironing service in Nottingham – and in 2002 The Iron Man was born.

Free pick up and delivery service

Our mission is simple but very effective. We go the extra distance to provide FREE pick up and delivery and the best local professional ironing service in the Nottingham area, making the whole process highly efficient and excellent value for money. We do this using the finest industrial steam presses we could find. We employ local people in a modern, clean environment – skilled at producing the highest quality ironing in around 24 to 48 hours, wherever you are in Nottinghamshire.

Only £3.50 per kilo! (including collection and delivery)

Quality – that’s what sets us apart from the rest. Thanks to our investment in the best people and equipment, we can pride ourselves on producing beautifully ironed clothes, returned on hangers or perfectly folded, to our delighted customers.

Affordable Ironing service

What’s more, the average load of domestic ironing only costs between £20 and £35 but, because we charge by weight, you can regulate how much you spend.

So remember, if you have a busy lifestyle that makes ironing clothes almost impossible, or you just fancy treating yourself and letting someone else do all the hard work, The IRON MAN IS YOUR KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR. It’s as simple as that.

Domestic Ironing